Epiphone Les Paul CZ

  • Harvemmin vastaan tuleva Tsekeissä valmistettu Epiphone. Vuodelta 2002. 
  • "Epiphone began producing guitars at Bohemia Musico sometime around 1996, most notably, the Les Paul. Under the direction of Petr Vykydal, and with approval from Epiphone, the guitars made at the Bohemia factory were of higher quality and slightly different specifications than that of their Korean, Indonesian and Chinese counterparts. Many Epiphone owners claim that these particular guitars were almost, if not on par with the Japanese-made Epiphones, though the actual similarities and differences between the two have not been officially noted." 
  • Kitarassa on näkyvillä jonkin verran käytön/soiton jälkiä, kevyitä painaumia yms. Ei kuitenkaan isoja dingejä. Katso kuvat.
  • Skaala: 24,75"
  • Nauhat: 22 kpl
  • Viritys: Wilkinson Deluxe (vaihdettu)
  • 2 x Vol - 2 x Tone
  • 3-way mikkivalitsin
  • Long neck tenon, whereas the Asian-made version has a short tenon
  • Gibson Style Truss Rod
  • 290€