Laney TubeFusion TF700

  • Laneyn hybridi-kitaranuppi! Series 2.
  • 120w
  • 4 ohm
  • 12ax7 putki
  • 3 kanavaa (clean, drive 1, drive 2)
  • Clean has a 3-band EQ, a bright switch (adds treble to have a more slamming the type of guitar), adjustable reverb.
  • Both channels saturated (Drive 1 and Drive 2) share a 3 band equalizer and a reverb setting. They each have a volume, gain, and a switch digging scoop some medium and boost the bass and treble to get a bigger sound. The Drive has a more dynamic sound, less saturated, rather typed vintage, good for the crunch, the rock overdrive. Drive 2 is the most modern, is for large saturations.
  • Connectivity: an effects loop, a footswitch for the reverb and 3-channel, 2 speaker outputs, and a switch "vibe" that has an effect on the inexplicable sound, it feels like we're playing in a stadium with a wall of amp
  • 2 speaker outputs
  • Efektilooppi
  • Footswitch mukaan. Tosin välikaapelia ei ole tällä hetkellä. Etsitään sopivaa...
  • 190€