Sterling By MusicMan SUB Silo3

  • Moneen menoon ja musiikkiin, siistikuntoinen Sterling.
  • Huollettu. 
  • Tekninen kunto moitteeton
  • Kitara on erittäin siistissä kunnossa käytetyksi soittimeksi
  • Skaala: 25,5"
  • Body: The Silo3's body is made out of a single piece of jabon wood, which is similar to basswood but is heavier and has better resonance. Where basswood has a midrange bump, jabon is more well-rounded and delivers clearer lows and highs with a broadened warmth reminiscent of mahogany.
  • Kaula: Vaahtera
  • Kaulaprofiili: Tuhdihko
  • Otelauta: Vaahtera
  • HSS -mikitys. "The Silo3's pickups are, in a word, surprising. They come in HSS arrangement and sound downright awesome with responsive twang, powerful lows, and clear highs. They even sound great both clean and distorted"
  • Nauhat: 22 kpl (Medium)
  • 5-way selector switch
  • Easy access truss rod adjuster
  • 5-bolt neck joint
  • 190€