Traynor TS-50

  • 50w kitaracombo 1970-luvulta!
  • "This baby is transistorized but has a very nice warm tone to it. The clean settings are great for jazz, blues or country with lots of headroom for a wide dynamic range and lots of bottom end and shimmery highs. The reverb is true spring tank and sounds fantastic!"
  • Speaker: 1X12" / 8 ohm

  • Paino: 20.5 Kg

  • Mitat : 480 mm x 520 mm x 280 mm

  • Reverb

  • 1x Line out, 1x Speaker Out 8Ω 50W

  • Controls: 1x Gain, 1x Bass, 1xMiddle, 1x Treble, 1x Reverb, 1x Volume

  • 260€