Omnitronic CMP-101

  • CD/MP3 -player!
  • Kauko-ohjain puuttuu.
  • Features:

    • Perfect for mobile DJs through its well-structured operating field
    • For standard CDs 8 cm and 12 cm with conventional format or MP3-format
    • Slot-In Drive
    • Pitch-adjustment of ±12% via control
    • Pitch function can be deactivated
    • Master and Rec Out via RCA
    • Master output adjustable via control on the front panel
    • With additional digital ouput via RCA
    • Headphone Out on the front panel with Level control
    • Comfortable track-selection via Skip-buttons and +10-button
    • Large Play/Pause-button and Cue-button
    • Track programming
    • Single-mode for playing one track only
    • Large display switchable from track remain time to track playback time
    • LINKKI
  • 40€

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