Peavey MP4 Mixer Amp

  • 70- ja 80-luvun taitteesta monikäyttöinen Peavey Mixer Amp! 
  • "Peavey MP-4 Mark III Series mixer amp provides 4 independent channels mixed into two 50W stereo outputs (100W total). There is an Aux In jack as well, so actually 5 inputs are handled by this compact unit. Very convenient for solo acts or duets with a couple instruments and vocals; no separate mixing board required and plenty of power for small venues."
  • Joka kanavalla oma Reverb
  • Master Gain, Master Reverb, Master eq
  • Output jacks: 50 Watts / 8 Ohms / 20 Volts RMS
  • Paino: noin 12 kg
  • 90€

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